The Primaree Options

3- DIFF Hematology KT-60

Genrui KT-60 is an up-to-date hematology analyzer providing smart counting mode for low-value samples with only 9μL whole blood required. RFID card closed system and wider linearity brings the real card closed system and more widely clinical application. It is a wise choice for the small and medium labs, clinics or hospitals which require cost-effective solutions by offering a complete solution with a built-in system and reliable clinical supports.


Throughput: 60 T/H

Principle: Impedance for WBC differentiation and WBC/RBC/PLT count; Colorimetric method for HGB count

Result: 24 parameters + 3 histograms

Sample volume: Whole blood: 9ul; Pre-diluted: 20ul.

Screen size: 10.4-inch touch screen

Storage: 600,000

Price: Ask for Inquiry /quotation